There is No Time to Waste.

Our objective is simple. At MMC we provide resources to districts and schools in a direct, grassroots approach that provides strategies that can be put into action immediately.

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Our Approach

Districts and schools do not have time to waste. This is the foundation for our work in the education setting - as we work with districts and schools to provide actionable professional development, speaking engagements, and consulting services.

Our approach is to leave districts and schools in a better place than when we arrive. Through professional development, speaking engagements, and consulting services that focus on school culture, high impact instruction, leadership skill building and reform efforts - we want to support our clients to have an immediate impact in their learning environments. 



Mike Meechin is a national keynote speaker, and practicing educator. His speaking engagements range from high impact instruction, re-thinking technology in the classroom, reform efforts in public schools, leadership strategies among many more. His dynamic and candid styles will allow your district or school to have actionable take-aways from his sessions.

To learn about speaking engagements click here.


Prof Dev + Workshops

MMC offers a wide range of professional development and workshops for districts and schools. We have worked with educators across the United States and Canada on sessions that are designed to provide strategies in a grassroots approach. 

To learn more about our approach to professional development and workshops and how our work can impact your district or school click here.


MMC offers districts and schools more personalized support through consulting services. We have worked with districts and schools across the United States and Canada to provide a more personalized approach to supports through our consulting services. Services can be provided face-to-face or via web conference. MMC focuses their consulting support in areas such as: grading and assessment reform, high impact instruction, effective feedback strategies, re-design of school culture, systems building, and leadership strategy. Services are highly personalized to meet the strategic needs of the district or school. To learn more about consulting services please click here.